CMS starts out as a student project for a software design course at Drexel University. It's built based on the SOA design principle and it offers a nice looking web UI and a simple web service interface. CMS is also an open source project being hosted on It's built using numerous of open source software and tools to reduce development efforts and to increase the quality of the final product. At the time of development for version 1.0 (mid 2007), the web framework Struts 2 was just released, I was also using this project as a way to learn Struts 2.

Some of the open source software and tools CMS uses are such as Struts2, Mavane2, Jboss, Yahoo UI library. It also heavily relies on some of the latest JEE technologies including EJB3, JPA, etc.

Conference Management

This project implements a conference management system (CMS) that allows the submission and review of papers for a conference. The system has the following user types: Admin, Editor, Reviewer, and Author each having different roles. Administrators are able to add conferences, assign Editors to conferences, login, logout, search for papers, and view reviews. Authors can login and upload their papers to a conference, search, download papers, create an account, and logout. Reviewers have the ability to download the paper for review, review papers, login, logout, view reviews, create an account, and search for papers. Initially a review can only be seen by the reviewer and the conference editor. The Editor has the ability to release the review which allows the Author to see the review results. Editors can also login, logout, search for papers, create an account, assign reviewers to a conference, assign reviewers to papers, and release reviews for viewing.


Usecase Diagram