Deployment Environment Requirement:

Jboss App Server

The webapps in this release have only been tested in Jboss 4.05GA application server. It's likely that they will not work under other JEE application server because different application servers have slightly different classloading mechanism. Therefore you might run into classloading problems when trying to deploy this release to application server other than Jboss 4.0.5GA.

You can download jboss4.0.5GA from the following link: Jboss 4.0.5GA (release date=2006-10-18) download – An JEE application server

Important Note: If you want EJB3 or Seam support with JBoss AS 4.0.3 SP1, 4.0.4 or 4.0.5, you MUST download and use the relevant version of JEMS Installer since CMS uses EJB3 technologies to manage the business layer.

Download the installer, and choose “ejb3” options. Important. You can start it by clicking on Run Installer or you can download with Download Installer, in which case you need to run the installer from you local hard drive by double clicking on it or executing java -jar xxxx-installer.jar. Choose the ejb3 or ejb3-clustering profile when asked.

After you completed the installation of Jboss app server, you can download a hyper sonic test database that we created to quickly test CMS. Download a test database at Create a new folder call 'data/hypersonic' under your jboss's default server directory ( /YOUR_JBOSS_DIR/server/default/data/hypersonic ). Extract all the files in the archive to this 'hypersonic' folder, Jboss will automatically pick up this database when you start the server.

This test database only has 1 admin user account (username:password = admin/admin). Only admin user can add new conferences to the system. Use this account to add new conferences to the system. Use the new user registration function to add more account to the system.


This release requires java 1.5 or higher installed in your environment to run.

Environment Variable:

You should also have the following environment variables: $JAVA_HOME = 'path to your JDK or JRE'

Running Jboss

Before you start Jboss, you need to modify a config file under Jboss (This is a one time change): go to /YOUR_JBOSS_DIR/server/default/deploy/jbossweb-tomcat55.sar/META-INF modify the file jboss-service.xml change line attribute name="UseJBossWebLoader"false/attribute to attribute name="UseJBossWebLoader"true/attribute .

This disables a broken feature in Jboss to force it to conform with JEE deployment standard. After you install Jboss and have the above file modified, change directory to /YOUR_JBOSS_DIR/bin/ and you can start jboss by typing On windows, start Jboss using run.bat.

Deploying applications

Before deploying the webapps. Make sure you have your environment setup correctly.

  1. you need Java 1.5 or higher
  2. you need to download and install Jboss 4.05GA with EJB3 profile
  3. You need to modify config file jboss-service.xml to set attribute "UseJBossWebLoader" to "true".

You need to deploy both ear and war files to Jboss by copying both files to the Jboss's deploy folder. Copy both files to /YOUR_JBOSS_DIR/server/default/deploy/ folder.

Building from sources

  1. Download the source codes from
  2. Download Maven 2.05 or higher from

    Install maven and put maven's bin directory in the environment PATH. Also add an environment variable called M2_HOME and point it to the maven installed folder.

  3. Go to the ./cms/lib folder and type
            sh PACKAGE-ID

    If you are on windows, open PACKAGE-ID.bat and execute all the commands inside the .bat file.

  4. Finally, go to /cms source folder and type
            mvn clean install

    to build the all the artifacts

  5. The artifacts

    cms-ear-<version>.ear - an ear file that contains both the business layers and the web tier layer of CMS. cms-webservice-<version>.war - a webapp that contains the webservice test client application.

            can be found under
  6. Access the main web app at the http://localhost:8080/cms-web/
  7. Access the web service test web app at the http://localhost:8080/cms-webservice-version/